Topics of the menu Analysis

Division of Polynomials
The product and quotient of two polynoms will be calculated.
Function Plotter
There are three plotters. One for up to five explizit functions, one for piecewise-defined functions and one for functions in parametric representation.
Curve Discussion
Curve discussion of an arbitrary function. The derivations, zeros, extrema and points of inflection are determined.
Approximation of the zeros of a function  f(x)  by Newton's method with a first guess x0.
Series Expansion
Plotter for functions given as a series over f(x,k). You may develop the function with different parameter ranges and different y-offset.
Integral Calculus
The definite integral over f1-f2 from a to b is calculated as well as the oriented and absolut content under the curve, the twisting moments, the bodies of revolution and the centroid.
Area Functions
Plotter for an area function f(x,y), which may contain a subterm u(x,y).

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