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MatheAss 8.2
for Windows 10, 8,
7, Vista and XP
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The new version of MatheAss runs now also under 64 Bit Windows 8, 7 and Vista. Besides that the new extended help file can again be accessed context sensitive directly from the program. To see what else has changed have look at What's new in MatheAss 8.2?

MatheAss 8.15
for Win 95/98
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This version for Windows 95/98 also runs under Windows 7, Vist and XP. Since with these systems the help is differently organized, the help file can not directly be called from the program, but must be separately opened.

The help file cannot be opened under Windows 7 or Vista any longer, since the necessary Winhelp32 is missing. Use instead the Help File in CHM Format..


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The English program texts of MatheAss 8.2 can be translated and included as an additional language. With this small program you can edit the text section by section, without losing the overview. more ...

Hint: If you receive by download an incomplete or corrupted file, it can possibly be because it is in a buffer of your provider. In this case press and hold the shift key during clicking on the download link to force the download of the original file.