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MatheAss 9.0
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What has changed since version 8.2 and what the update costs, you can read here:
What's new in MatheAss 9.0?


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Do you want to translate the MatheAss program texts and integrate them as an additional language,
then you will be supported by this tool. You will find more information here .

MatheAss 8.2
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Only for customers who are registered for version 8.2, but not yet for version 9.0.
New registrations are now only possible for version 9.0.

Vehulst 1.0
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Up-to-date for the corona pandemic, the free logistic regression program.
Verhulst 1.0 is a decoupling from MatheAss 9.0 .


On Windows 10 you may get the warning:
Running this app might put your PC at risk.

To install the program please click on Further information and then on Run anyway.