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Under the fact that the past version of MatheAss runs under 64 bits Windows only in the XP-mode, I have decided to publish an early update, which still contains no substantial extensions, but repairs some lack of the past version.

What's new in MatheAss 8.2?

  1. Rewritten on a current compiler the new version runs not only under 64 bits Windows, but also clearly faster, which is particularly noticeable with the determination of the prime numbers.
  2. At the prime factorization also numbers are divided, whose smallest prime factors are larger than 10^5.
  3. At the surface functions the representation was arranged more attractive and the scaling of the axes of coordinates was indicated.
  4. At the curve discussion the problems were cleared, which the past version sometimes had with the symbolic derivative.
  5. The solution of linear sets of equations now also masters those with no unique solution and the set of solutions is given in parametric representation.
  6. In all parts of the program, which operate with matrices, these can be stored over a local menu (right mouse button) in the clipboard or in a file and be read in other place again.
  7. The item pseudoinverse matrix was added.
  8. The help file now again can be called context sensitive directly from the program. In addition it was thoroughly revised and extended.
  9. The program texts of the English version were made available completely as text file with the name english.txt. It can be now translated if necessary and be merged as a fourth language beside German, English and French.
  10. As samples for external language files italiano.txt, espaniol.txt, greek.txt, russian.txt and türk.txt are attached. They are automatically translated and thus far away from being perfect. For a native speaker however it might be easy to correct them.

How much costs MatheAss 8.2?

After 10 years the prices were raised a bit and now amount to:

  29 € for the private license (so far 24 €)

  69 € for the school license (so far 49 €)

360 € for the extended school license, with which the serial number may be passed on to the pupils.

How much is the update?

As update fee for users already registered I only charge the difference between the old price and new one, i.e.:

    5 € for owners of a private license

  20 € for owners of a school license

  80 € for owners of an extended school license

How can I pay?

Either by banc transfer to the account indicated in the program under "File/Registration fee" or here by PayPal :

MatheAss 8.2