MatheAss 9.0 − Geometry 3D

Coordinate Systems
Transformation between cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates and cylindrical coordinates.
Platonic Solids
Calculates all elements of a Tetrahedron, a Hexahedron, a Octahedron, a Dodekahedron or a Icosahedron
Other Solids
Calculates all elements of a Regular Prism, a Right Circular Cylinder, a Regular Pyramid, a Right Circular Cone or a Sphere.
Line through two Points
Two points determine a straight line. Its equation will be formed and its position to the co-ordinate planes are analysed.
Plane through three Points
Three non-kollinear points determine a plane. The equation of this plane is formed as Point-slope-form and as Equation in coordinates. The distance from origin and the Trace Points is calculated.
Sphere through four Points
Four non-coplanar points determine a sphere. The equation of this sphere is formed.
Intersections in the Space
The intersections between two lines, a line and plane, two planes, a line and a sphere, a plane and a sphere and between two spheres are calculated.
The distance between two points, a point and line, a point and a plane, between two lines, a line and a plane and between two planes are calculated.

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